How Do I Become a Christian?

If you feel led to take Jesus as your own Saviour, here is what you do:

  1. Admit to God (tell Him) that you are a sinner needing a Saviour (Read Romans 3:23)
  2. Repent – turn away from your sins with all your heart (Read Acts 3:19)
  3. Tell God you accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as your Saviour and sin-bearer (Read Isaiah 53:5-6)
  4. Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart and life (Read John 1:12)
  5. Believe then that Jesus Christ has saved you (Read Romans 10:13)


Will you sincerely say the following words as a prayer to God?

  • I admit that I am a sinner.
  • I turn away from my sins.
  • I ACCEPT Jesus Christ as my sin-bearer.
  • I now receive Him as my Saviour and Lord. Amen.